Intro to Permaculture Course & Farming with Field Work in Colombia (1 or 2 Weeks)

What is Permaculture?

Permaculture “Our philosophy”.

Overall, the effectiveness of the current production system in the world depends on fossil fuels like oil or gas – resources that have their limits and are gradually being depleted. Therefore, we must seek alternative models of life that are sustainable. Permaculture is a philosophy that goes beyond organic farming. It advocates harmony of all that surrounds us. It is an ethical system which offers cooperation versus competition, encouraging coexistence and relations within communities and their environments.

Furthermore, the concept of regenerative agriculture is very important in permaculture – increasing food production with the regeneration of soil fertility, the fight against climate change, efficient water management, food sovereignty, the protection of biodiversity and ultimately, regeneration of rural or urban communities.

That is why the community must come together and work in harmony with all that surrounds us. It is fun to be in a community. Come and see our recent but steady transformation process to a more just and self-sustaining life and check out our food production where we can grow all year round in Colombia.

Our goal is for people to work together, share knowledge & ideas about maximizing farms, land usage and of course, coexisting with Mother Earth in harmony, without causing any harm.


Eco Introduction to Permaculture Course


Eco Hostel is offering an Introduction of Permaculture course in conjunction with 4 or 8 days of farming on the land (field work).

If you’re curious about Permaculture, would like to live in abundance, make a difference in your community and design your own place/farm/land or apply it into your own life, please join us!

This course is also great if you recently purchased land in Colombia and would like to grow a garden and also practice your Spanish.

The Introduction to Permaculture course in Guatapé will provide you with basic design skills and a knowledge of synergistic systems, which you can implement in your own life and in your community for a balanced living & creativity in resilience.





Learn effective ways of growing healthy organic food in urban and rural settings that create a greater level of inter-connectedness and harmony between all the beings in the environment, from microbes to multinational corporations.

Designing for self-regenerative systems that can feed the family or earn an income for the community while building soil fertility.

Creating a balanced compost for your soil

—Pattern Understanding

—Water harvesting and drought-proofing.

—Intensive annual and perennial food.

—Orchard and food forest design

—Appropriate technologies for sustainable communities

—Cyclical energy cycles, and creative recycling of household and industrial resources.

—Strategies for building healthy & resilient communities.

—Gift Economy, embodying the principles of reciprocity.


At Eco Hostel, we started Permaculture farming since 2012. You will find a committed crew of people passionately active in permaculture, and will realize that PERMACULTURE IS WHAT MAKES SENSE IN THIS WORLD and we are here to help you convert your life into a resilient future.

—Be inspired for change.

—Get hands on experience.

—Connect to the vast network of PERMACULTURISTS around the world.


Eco Hostel  is an interactive & live Hostel (since 2012) – an educational center, a showcase of best practices for sustainable living, alternative energies, and a place where you can reconnect with yourself & nature in harmony.


Course Includes:


—Introduction to Permaculture class in English or Spanish (2 hours)

—Practical course of four days working on the farm in Spanish or English (Monday to friday  for 1 or 2 weeks) where you will learn about local Colombian plants & vegetation.

[If you are interested to learn Spanish, you can take our intensive 1 or 2 week language course prior to the Permaculture course. Then you will be able to practice your newly learned language skills on the field while you farm. (For more Info about our Spanish Course, click here)]

You can also sign up for meditation course while you learn permaculture.Read the full course description here.

—The entire program begins on Sunday and ends Friday after breakfast ( 1 or two weeks)

—Vegetarian meals (Breakfast, lunch, and dinner) included

—Accommodation for 6 nights (1 week) 12 nights (2 weeks)


1 week course

    • Permaculture course: $300 usd per person
    • Permaculture + Spanish or Meditation: $400 usd per person

    2 Week Course

    • Permaculture course: $400 usd per person ($700 for a couple)
    • permaculture + Spanish or Meditation: $600 usd per person ($1,000 for a couple)

    Couples receive a 20% discount.

  • *1 week (Monday to Saturday after breakfast)


Lodging Information for Students:



Is provided in one of the shared sleeping areas (with max 3 other students). We supply sheets, pillowcases and blankets and of course a confortable bed.


(breakfast, lunch, and dinner) is fully vegetarian (very tasty and natural). The local diet is heavy on rice, beans, chickpeas, lentils, potatoes, yuca (casaba), plantains, corn, and plenty of vegetables.

Our own organic products  from our garden will  be available for consumption as well! We bake our own bread, prepare our arepas, consume products high in fiber and eat home cooked meals together.

Eco Hostel is a fully vegetarian establishment. Which means you can take this as an opportunity to detox your body for 1 or 2 weeks (with a good diet and no meat/chicken/fish). But for those who prefer to eat meat, feel free to try out the local restaurants in the village.


Some of the reasons for offering vegetarian meals consist of the following:

—We do not want to consume meat every day.

—Its consumption contributes to & harms our global climate (environmental impact)

—We do not wish to contribute to the constant sacrifice of animals (animal rights).

For more information about the Eco Hostel, the setting, sleeping arrangements, and photos send us an email to


Eco Hostel also provides accommodations for non-students. for more info, please visit Eco hostel page or click here


1 or 2 weeks Spanish Courses

Two week intensive Spanish language course. All Levels. Please visit 1 or 2 weeks Spanish School or click here.

1 or 2 weeks Meditation Courses

Read the full course description here.

Schedule of Classes

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Contact & Directions

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