Meditation and Yoga Course

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Outrageous Joy: Exploring Mindful Presence and Living with Endless Bliss


Join us for a 1 or 2 week meditation retreat and workshop to radically boost the level of happiness, joy, and bliss you experience on a day to day basis.
Located in beautiful Guatapé, Colombia (only 90 minutes from Medellin), our eco-center provides a tranquil, scenic setting to unwind, reboot your energy, and improve your awareness.
Through a series of discussions, workshops, and meditations, we’ll explore the key to living in a state of perpetual joy, wonder, and enthusiasm. We believe that outrageous happiness is always available within you, and you’ll learn proven techniques for increasing your awareness of this bliss and living a more fulfilling life.

Course Structure

Everything exists as a state of presence energy. In this course, we’ll discuss the basics of what this energy is and why it matters. You’ll learn how to access the power of this energy in any moment and how to incorporate it into your daily activities through mindful attention.

We’ll begin each day with a morning meditation and yoga practice. After breakfast, we’ll move into a group discussion and presentation of the day’s lesson, followed by a meditation tailored to reinforce the day’s material. You’ll learn an individual technique/process which you are encouraged to apply during the course of the day.

After lunch, you’ll enjoy free time. An hour of daily Spanish instruction is included with the program, or you can explore the area: hike to a waterfall, climb el Peñol, take a boat out onto the lake, get a massage or Reiki session, or simply relax at the center to enjoy our gardens, study, or lounge in a hammock.


The Program Includes

—Small classes (group of 10 maximum)
—2 daily guided meditations
—Daily yoga session
—Daily lecture and group discussion
—6 nights accommodation ( 1 week) and 12 night accommodation (2 weeks)
—All meals for the duration of the program.

Please note that for students taking the Spanish course simultaneously, language instruction is Monday-Thursday only.


onto the lake, get a massage or Reiki session, or simply relax at the center to enjoy our gardens, study, or lounge in a hammock.

All pricing below includes accommodation, meals, and other activities as listed in the course description. You may also add a Spanish language course to take concurrently with your meditation instruction. Read more about the Spanish course here.


1 Week Course

  • Meditation course: $300 usd per person
  • Meditation + Spanish: $400 usd per person

2 Week Course

  • Meditation course: $400 usd per person ($700 for a couple)
  • Meditation + Spanish: $600 usd per person ($1,000 for a couple)

*1 week (Monday to Saturday after breakfast)

Couples receive a 20% discount.


Program Benefits

Developing mindful presence has a number of amazing benefits, the most important of which are an increased state of happiness, personal satisfaction, and well-being. Studies show the practice can significantly improve cognitive and emotional function.
Research-backed impacts include:
—Increased happiness
—Heightened sensory perception
—Reduced stress
—Improved emotional regulation
—Improved ability to focus


The benefits of the course continue long after your time with us ends. Our aim during the program is to show you a glimpse of the pure joy available to you in every moment, and give you the tools you need to access that bliss any time you choose.



I’ve never meditated before/have difficulty meditating. Is this program right for me?
The course is designed for students of all backgrounds and experience levels.
This is not your “typical” meditation retreat where you spend all day, every day sitting cross-legged like the Buddha.
We think of meditation more like a game you play with your inner self, and not a serious discipline in which everything must be exactly “this way.” The focus of the course is on teaching you tricks and techniques to get out of your own way and realize the immense joy you didn’t know you had.
 —If you’re just starting out, you’ll learn some tips for getting started in a relaxed, easy way.
—If you’re halfway to guru-hood, you’ll still learn some new techniques, and we probably have a perspective you haven’t heard before.


I’m mostly content with my life. Why should I take a happiness course if I’m not unhappy?
The short answer: If you’re not 100% outrageously happy most of the time, you still have a long way to go!
Seriously though, we get this question a lot, and it’s important to realize there’s a huge difference between your “normal,” day-to-day happiness/contentment, and a feeling of pure, peaceful bliss.
We actually think that being “just fine” is one of the biggest obstacles to becoming truly joyful. Regardless of whether you struggle with day-to-day life, are mostly content, or even if you’re consistently feeling pretty good, we guarantee you there’s a higher level of bliss available.


What meals are included?


Breakfast, lunch, and a light evening snack are provided for the duration of the program, beginning with an evening snack on the first day and ending with breakfast on the final morning.


All meals are home-cooked, healthy, and vegetarian. We use organic, local ingredients to the greatest extent possible, including food from our own garden and neighboring farms.


Please note that the evening meal is a light snack, and not a full dinner. We encourage you to reduce your food intake after 5:00pm during your stay with us. This allows the body to have a more restful sleep, helps to quiet the mind, and improves overall mental clarity.
We find that students who follow these guidelines have the best results from the program, but we understand that they may not be right for everyone. There are dozens of great restaurants in town and we’re happy to recommend our favorites.
If you have specific dietary needs/allergies please let us know prior to your arrival.


Can I drink alcohol during the program?
No intoxicants of any kind are permitted at the center. Students who bring alcohol or drugs to the eco-hostel may be asked to leave the program without a refund.
While you are free to drink in town, we strongly recommend students abstain from all alcohol consumption during the program. Additionally, many students choose to stop drinking a few days prior to the start of the course. Alcohol reduces mental clarity and performance, and will diminish your ability to benefit from the program.


How much free time will I have?
Afternoons are generally left open for free time.
You are free to lounge at the center, walk into town, or schedule a guided tour, boat ride, massage, or other activity. We also coordinate an optional language-exchange program for students interested in meeting locals and learning more about Colombian culture.

Contact & Directions

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**To participate in any of our courses or for lodging at the Eco Hostel, you must receive a confirmation in advance. Same day reservations are possible, only if we have available spaces. Please make sure to receive a confirmation via email or phone before heading our way.