Organic Products

Organic Products

—We produce our own organic products

—We have variety baskets of available products

—Hummus (for farming)

—We are currently in the process of becoming certified

—Everything that we produce ourselves on our land is 100% organic

—There are products that we consume that we don’t produce ourselves. So we must purchase them from elsewhere and we cannot always guarantee that they will be fully organic.


Contact us for info on pricing of the products to



If you have land/space and would like to grow your own veggies and start a garden/farm, but do not know where to begin, we have services to assist you:


—Intro to Permaculture & Farming Course (1 week in Spanish or English)
click here.

—Farming Consultation
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Contact & Directions

To contact us with any questions.

Paola: +(57) 311 646 7039
Skype: ecohostelmedellin