Spanish School (1 or 2 weeks)

We offer both 1 and 2 week language course options. However, we recommend students stay for both weeks in order to gain a higher degree of fluency.

A unique language learning experience offered away from the hectic city life, near one of  Colombia’s most picturesque towns: GUATAPE, located just 90 minutes from Medellin.


This intensive Spanish course offers a quality program in a charming semi-outdoor classroom setting with breathtaking views of the mountains, colorful birds and the vegetable garden. It is an opportunity to spend time and live in a rural Eco Hostel near the waterfalls and in the beautiful landscape of Guatapé, less than 2 hours from Medellin.


Our full immersion learning experience includes:


—Small classes (group of 10 maximum) in a beautifull outdoor room in the country side.

– Spanish instruction 1 hour of class and 20 minutes reading class per day, Monday through Thursday (1 or 2 weeks)

—Participation in a weekly Language Exchange with local students. one on one.

—Boat trip to the local history museum with a local guide. (Learn the history of Guatape)

—An opportunity to learn about simple sustainable living practices, life in the countryside, and best practices for a well-balanced, healthy, vegetarian diet.

—Free Introduction to the basics of permaculture philosophy.

—Lodging & sleeping accommodations at Eco Hostel (tranquil and quiet place for one or two weeks)

—Meals (Breakfast, Lunch and  Dinner  for one week ( from Sunday dinner to Saturday after breakfast)

— Free morning yoga session!

_ Free night meditation  session!




All pricing below includes accommodation, meals, and other activities as listed in the course description. You may also add a meditation course to take concurrently with your language instruction. Read more about the meditation course here.

1 week Course:

  • Spanish: $300 usd per person
  • Spanish + Meditation: $400 usd per person

2 Week Course:

  • Spanish: $400 usd per person per person ($700 for a couple)
  • Spanish + meditation: $600 usd  per person($1,000 for a couple)

Couples receive a 20% discount.

*1 week (Monday to Saturday after breakfast)

Course Details:


—Classroom instruction is 1 hour  and 20 minutes  per day / Monday to Thursday + conversation practice.

—One hour of grammar and one hour of reading comprehension each day and learn the history of Guatape!

—Courses available for beginners, intermediate, and advanced levels.

—Students will have each afternoon open to study (there is a good amount of homework each day), to go into town to participate in the language exchange, and to practice Spanish in the village.

—Language Exchange with local Colombian natives is available during the week in the afternoons.

—To check class start dates and availability, please send us an email to





Lodging Information for Students



Is provided in one of the shared sleeping areas (with max 3 other students). We supply sheets, pillowcases and blankets and    of course a comfortable bed.

Private rooms available. Email us at for pricing.


(breakfast, lunch, and dinner) is fully vegetarian (very tasty and natural). The local diet is heavy on rice, beans, chickpeas, lentils, potatoes, yuca (casaba), plantains, corn, and plenty of vegetables.

Our own organic products  from our garden are available for consumption as well! We bake our own bread, prepare our arepas, consume products high in fiber and eat home cooked meals together.

Eco Hostel is a fully vegetarian establishment. Which means you can take this as an opportunity to detox your body for 1 or 2 weeks (with a good diet and no meat/chicken/fish). But for those who prefer to eat meat, feel free to try out the local restaurants in the village of Guatape or at the trout farm 5 minutes walking distance from the hostel.


Some of the reasons for offering vegetarian meals consist of the following:

—Personal health and well-being.

—Environmental Impact.

—Animal Rights.


Please let us know if your are over 45 years old.


For more information about the Eco Hostel, the setting, and sleeping arrangements please send us an email:


Eco Hostel also provides accommodations for non-students. For info, click here.




We also offer:

Meditation and Yoga Course (1 or 2 weeks)

Through a series of discussions, workshops, and meditations, we’ll explore the key to living in a state of perpetual joy, wonder, and enthusiasm. We believe that outrageous happiness is always available within you, and you’ll learn proven techniques for increasing your awareness of this bliss and living a more fulfilling life.

Read the full course description here.

Intro to Permaculture & Farming Course (1 or 2 weeks)

A good way to practice your Spanish, learn about sustainable living practices and familiarize yourself with local Colombian plants & vegetation. For more info click here.

Schedule of Classes

To see the start dates of all classes offered & to check availability, please send us an email to


In keeping with our goal of living a simple life, we do not rush to check our email constantly and give priority to in-person communication.

So please give us at least a day to respond. If you do not hear back from us immediately, rest assured that we will respond soon. We just need to make sure that the students have learned, and the goats are fed first.

*We are also enjoying life and not at the computer all the time.



You must pay a 50% deposit in advance to reserve your spot. You can pay with Paypal or Credit Card. The remainder of the tuition fee will be accepted upon arrival in Colombian pesos ONLY.


Cancellation policy

A cancellation fee will be applied for any changes or cancellations. Please understand that since there is limited space, when you reserve a spot, it prevents another student from participating and we need to turn folks away. So cancellations affect various folks.

The $150 USD deposit will not be refund in case you decide not to assist to the course.


Contact & Directions

To contact us with any questions.

Paola: +(57) 311 646 7039
Skype: ecohostelmedellin


Directions to the hostel

Coming to Eco Hostel when in Guatapé

—Take a moto taxi/ motochiva or tuc tuc. $8,000 cop max. (please ask for the Price before taking the transportation)

—Tell them to take you to La escuela de Español (a lado de trucheria el Cristalino)


Coming from Medellin to Guatapé

—To/From Medellín: Direct buses from Medellín leave from the Terminal del Norte (directly connected to the Caribe Metro Station), passing through El Peñol and the entrance to La Piedra on the way to Guatapé (about two hours).

—Two companies provide service: Sotrasanvicente, (4) 861-0595, and Sotrapeñol, (4) 851-5912. Each company provides service approximately every hour starting at 6am. The average fare is $13,000 COP.

—The last bus from Medellín to Guatapé is at 7:00pm. The last bus from Guatapé to Medellín is at 6:30pm (7:45pm on Sundays and Holiday Mondays) – Schedule changes do occure. Please make sure to check the current bus schedule.

—Return buses to Medellín fill up quickly on weekends – buy your ticket in advance


Coming from Airport to Guatapé 

—Pick up Service from Airport to & from Guatapé

—Our driver will pick you up from the airport and drop you off at Eco Hostel. Cost $120,000 COP (Approx. $42 USD). Please let us know in advance to make the arrangement.


—You can take a bus from the airport that goes to Medellin and ask the driver to leave you at the bridge Medellin-Bogota highway–(Puente de la autopista Medellin-Bogota)

—Go under the bridge and when you at the highway please wait for the bus that says ‘ Guatape or San Rafael.

Contact number: +(57) 3116467039


I dont use whatsapp so, if it is an emegency, please call me, you can buy minutes from people’s pone at the shops.

We look forward to meeting you.


To contact us with any questions.

Paola: +(57) 311 646 7039
Skype: ecohostelmedellin


**To participate in any of our courses or for lodging at the Eco Hostel, you must receive a confirmation in advance. Same day reservations are possible, only if we have available spaces. Please make sure to receive a confirmation via email or phone before heading our way.

Payments options

Make a full pay or  deposit to reserve your spot.
Go to the Contact page and write us to confirm availability and other methods of payment!